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Bathroom Decoration

I am very picky about my style.  Often, I don’t know what I want, but I’ll know when I see it.   People hate that.    I rarely ever see something that is “cheap” that I like.   The decoration for the back of the toilet is no exception.   In my reference picture there was a faux orchid on the back of the toilet.   Apparently, fake orchids are pretty expensive, one similar to my reference picture was about $150.   F that.   So I went looking, and I found an arrangement that I had to have.  Only, the new arrangement, with water lilies, was $400.     That is correct, $400 and the place that was selling them was “out of stock”.

I decided to make the base of the arrangement out of a chunk of walnut left over from the coffee table(free) I made my mother.   I found some cheap vases ($2.99 each) and laid out how they would fit.

Next I filled the voids in the walnut, and I will admit I didn’t do a great job.    I have been using cheap 5 minute epoxy and I had some left over so I used it. I need to invest in some good boat epoxy.  

I drew out the outline of where I wanted the vases to fit.  I decided to use my tray bit.

I pretty much just freehanded out a tray in the block with my router, I didn’t bother making a template.

Then I cut the outside,  and sanded it down, and oiled it with my my top secret oil mixture.

Next I hot glued the vases down. Then I filled them with some white stones.  And tied down some green bamboo.

The last step was I had to cut the water lily stems and then fill each vase with with that fake gel water stuff.   The lilies and fake water killed me.  Each lily was $11 and each box of fake water was $12.99 and it used two boxes.

and here it is, it almost looks like I know what I am doing.

this is a picture of the $400 one.   I actually found those exact vases, for cheap, but decided to make it a little less modern.

Water Lilies Faux-Floral Arrangement

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