Flooring Day 20

I was feeling better by this afternoon so I helped Sherry paint the family room.  Not sure what was wrong with me.  Sherry probably caught wind of my “mexico” plan and put something in my food to slow me down.  Sherry is the painter.  She’s in charge of the paint.  She picks the paint colors, because I am clinically color blind.  Paint is Sherry’s job.

So.    We spent several hours painting the entire family room, this color.

After the ENTIRE room was painted.  Sherry decided that she hated the color and that we were going to have to paint it another color.   This is a new experience for me.   I felt like arguing with her, but I was just too tired.   Now that I think about it, this bag of really good jelly beans “magically” showed up the other day.   Me being me, I started eating them.  Since then, I seem to just not care about things like, having to paint the dinning room multiple times.

We had to make a trip to home depot to get new paint.   She said in passing,  while we are going, lets get a dimmer switch for the new light we put up .  See below.

Then she suggested that after we put a dimmer on that light, I could take that switch and use it to replace another switch that was the wrong color.   Also, she suggested,  while we are there,  maybe we should look at stain because we may need to change the color of the mantle to match the new paint, that we hadn’t even picked.   “No problem” I said.  I mean why not, and maybe when I am done with all that, I can melt down some f’n sand from the backyard and build us some new windows too.   Actually, I think the mantle was my idea,  but I attribute that to the jelly beans that I won’t be having any more of.

We made it to home depot and I had to return a few things.  My lovely wife headed straight for the paint armed with a piece of flooring, and a piece of trim.   It took a while before I got back to her, and she still hadn’t found a new color.   I looked at the 7000 different color swatches, I looked at the samples in her hand, I looked at her and said “I think this is the one we are looking for”.    She looked at it, looked at the samples, looked at me, “how the hell do you do that?”.   We bought that color and some stain for the mantle and headed home.   When we got home, I had a few jelly beans and then stained the mantle.  Below is a picture of the mantle.   The left side is the old color, it was very red, and the right side is the new color.

Here is the completed mantle along with the new color.

I put the new dimmer switch in , in about 5 seconds.  The second switch.   Well, it was a much bigger deal.   The box was all “hoopied” up inside the wall.  It wasn’t connected to anything, so when I unscrewed it everything just kind of fell in the wall.  Then I had issues hooking up the the new switch.   I gave up on it for tonight.  Right now there are just 3 wires capped off where that switch used to be.   Whatever,  I don’t mind hold the two hot wires together with some vice-grips next time I need the light over the garage on.    Where did Sherry put those jelly beans?

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