Flooring Day 18

I am tired.    I don’t feel like typing this.  I don’t care if the floor ever gets finished.   I am seriously contemplating pretending to go to work tomorrow, circling back, getting the bare necessities and heading to Mexico.   I don’t even care.

It just occurred to me, that part of the reason we worked so late last night, is because we took time out to got get the last load of flooring.  Tonight we ripped up all the carpet in the final room that we are doing.   The old family room/new dining room.


No carpet

It came up very easy.  There are hardly any staples in the floor from the padding, so that is nice.   The sub floor is in great shape.   This room is going to be very easy.

Next I decided to finish the lights.  It took me some time to put the light back together after sherry and I tried to tear it apart and customize it.   I wired up the light.  Turned the power on, flip the switch on our new 15 dollar dimmer.   *pow*.    The dimmer popped, and I the breaker tripped, I immediately smelled “burning electronics”.   I am not going to go into great detail about what I did wrong.   But after wiring all the outlets, let’s just say I flushed 15 bucks down the toilet.   So I went and got another dimmer and hooked up right, and it works like a champ.   I am allowed one screw up per project.

Please note the lack of needed dry wall repair in the picture above.

Working dimmer switch.

Tomorrow we paint.  I also picked up all of heater vents from the sandblaster today and I am going to put some primer on those tomorrow.

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