Flooring Day 17

My only goal tonight was to get a light hanging in the new dining room.    That didn’t happen.

Pulling wire through walls is my least favorite thing to do.    As a matter of fact,  I hate it.    Here is a picture of where the light is going to be.   The switch is going to go just to the right of the door frame and the light will be in the ceiling centered on the pass through hole in the kitchen wall.   There is an outlet on the other side of the wall close to where I want to put the switch so I’ll be tapping into that. Pay no attention to our make shift eating area.

There are about ten thousand things that can go wrong when you try to do this.  Studs in the wrong place, crazy boards in places they shouldn’t be, random plates of 4 inch thick iron.     I guess it is also important to mention that I am trying to do this without having to repair the walls or ceiling.    Especially the walls, because the walls are painted wood paneling, and I wouldn’t even know how to repair that crap.  The first thing I did was locate the stud in the ceiling.  Then I used some complex Bud math to determine where everything should be.   Then I cut my hole for the light switch.

As you can see from the picture above, there is a stud directly to the right of the hole I cut.   As a matter of fact I cut my hole perfect.  If i would have been a couple of millimeters to the right it would have messed everything up.    Bud Math,  they should start teaching this stuff in the schools.   Next I cut the power and opened up the socket on the other side.   Those old wires scare me.

It was pretty easy to fish the wire through because the two holes were close enough together.    I connected my wires to the socket and put it back.   The next move was to cut the hole in the ceiling.   Kind of looks like the number “4”.  iV

I cut the hole in the ceiling bigger and then had to cut a hole where the ceiling meets the wall.   There is trim that runs around the parameter of the wall where it meets the ceiling so I had plenty of room to cut.   The area of paneling that isn’t painted is where the trim covers it up.    I cut the hole you see below and then cut away some of the drywall on the ceiling.  Again I got lucky, right where I cut there was a hole up into the rafters.   There is no access to this part of the attic because this room was an addition at some point.   The hole was only about 2 inches wide.

So first I started in the hole above and pushed my wire fish down to the switch box below.   It didn’t take long to pull the wire though.    The next part, well it took a while.   The hole in the ceiling is next to a stud, so I took the wire fish and tried to have it “hug” the stud over to the wall which was a good 5 feet away.   It took Sherry and I quite a while.   But we eventually got it.  I pulled the wire through and realized I had bought the wrong box for the ceiling fixture.    If you are trying not to tear up the drywall, you want one of these “old work” boxes.

After all of that, we spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to customize the light we were putting up in there to make it shorter.   It didn’t work.  I gave up and hung the new light in the old kitchen (forgot to take a picture).  I had to cap the wires and turn the electricity back on because it was midnight.

Injury Report.

I sliced the index finger that keeps taking all the damage on the razor sharp edge of the new light.   I’ll be surprised if I still have that finger by the end of this project.   No one got shocked though, so that is a plus.

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