Flooring Day 16

The goal for tonight was to finish the entire kitchen.   Now that Sherry is running the saw things are moving much faster.   We can kind of switch jobs off,  and get more done.   Part of me is a little leery of how “handy” she is becoming.   Pretty soon she isn’t going to need me.  I fable about learning to fish comes to mind.

This is what needs done.   It’s short width wise so there is going to be a lot of cutting.  We’ve been saving our scrap pieces to use here.   There are also a lot of fun angles in this part of the house.   By the stove there is a ton of geometry.

One of the little tricks I figure out on my own since there were a lot of angles in this kitchen was to used a scrap board to mark the angle on the board I am cutting.   What I do is just lay the board I want to cut next to angle I need to transfer, then I lay the scrap piece on top, and place it against the angle.  Then I transfer the angle onto my board.   Both edges of the scrap need to be straight, but it works every time.

There weren’t any problems.  Just a lot of cutting.    This is what we came up with.

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