Flooring Continued

No one really cares what day it is.  I don’t.  Seems like this has been going on forever.  This must be what jail is like.  You know know when it started, or when it’s going to end.  You know just know that today it’s happening.

I skipped a day or so because the flooring in the family room was pretty boring, it was slow going because the way it worked out I had to cut both ends of the row.   Tonight however I finished the floor. 

There were still a few staples to pull up from the carpet padding, so we did that first.   Sherry kept track, so in all, I think she counted a total of 42,345 staples that we pulled.  Some where in the neighborhood anyway.  Here is the last staple.


As I neared the end of the flooring, about the last 3 rows, I knew it was going to be close on the wood.   I actually tried to under estimate the wood by one box, because you can’t take extra boxes back.    At that point, I decided to lay out the remaining rows to see if I had enough wood.


It was VERY close.   The last row ended up being half boards, and it looked like I wasn’t going to have enough.  I went out the to the garage and rounded up all my scrap pieces.   I had to do some creative cutting, and use all my scraps for the beginning and end pieces.    Unbelievably the last row was perfectly straight.   I totally expected everything to off by the time I did 3 rooms and a hallway.  But there it is.   I measure it, and there was les that 1/4 inch difference from top to bottom.


I used every last piece of long wood that I had.  I used almost all the scrap that I had.  When I was done, this was all that was left.


And the last piece.


and done..


I gave Sherry that all knowing look as I had JUST enough wood to compete the project.   We have this little thing about units of measure. I am very good at just looking at something and saying “yeah that’s about 1 foot 3 inches” and it’s exactly that.  This project was no exception.  As I was celebrating around the fire I had built with the remaining scrap that I had she quietly said “what about the steps, and the transitions your didn’t finish”..     I forgot.    I don’t have enough.  I am going to have to go tomorrow, and buy a whole box, to get 1 board.   1 board.   That’s crazy.

On a more positive note, I got this tonight.


I have a grill with infrared burners.  The went bad at the end of last fall, so I’ve been just cooking with the normal side.    These are my new burners.  Covered under warranty.   It’s supposed to be warm this weekend.  I can’t wait to put them in.   

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