Dining Room Day 3

They really don’t work, and I still end up coughing up drywall dust for a week.    I have a paint respirator and the filters needed changed, so I wore that.  It worked great.  Normally I wouldn’t wear it, because it ruins the filters and they are pretty expensive.

I hate sanding dry wall.  I put a lot of focus on the corners.  People who don’t know what they are doing (including me) always mess up the corners and it looks sloppy.

More sanding.

Sherry decided to scope creep me and started to pull the paneling off of this wall.    There was already a nice corner bead on the wall so I didn’t have to mess with that and I didn’t need to put up more dry wall.   There was all of this ridiculous, heavy trim at the base of the wall next to the step.   When I was prying it off she questioned what I was doing.

Later she saw the trim laying on the counter and she couldn’t even believe the big bulky thing had been on the wall.  I could believe it.  I have had my eye on that piece of trim for some time now.   It would just taunt me every time I walked by.   I threw that one in the wood pile to burn this summer.  I’ll probably catch cancer from asbestos in the paint or something, when it’s burning.

And primered…    Sherry is the painter.   I am OK, but she is very good at cutting in the walls, must be that patience thing.  When I cut in a wall it looks like a 4 year old did it.   The good news was the corners turned out perfect.  The bad new was I focused so much on the corners I miss a few really obvious spots right in the middle of the wall.    But, they will be covered by the mirror, so no big deal.

All of that pretty much took an entire day, because we had to wait for the mud to dry.

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