Dining Room Day 1

It’s been a whole thirty days since the last project.   Sherry and I are trying to get things done now, so we can enjoy the warm weather, that’s assuming the sun decides to come back.     I can’t complain about this project because I am sure I planted the seed for it.  We don’t really have a dining “room”, it is more of a dining area.   There is only one wall that makes up the dining area, and it’s hideous.   See Figure A.

As you can see the wall is divided into two sections.  The top section is an 8′ by 4′ mirror with a lovely golden swirl pattern etched in.  I can hear the disco music playing every time I sit down to dinner and look into this mirror.   The bottom of the wall is trimmed in some very dark wood paneling.   Wood Paneling.  I really don’t need to say anything else about that.

I have always wanted to take that mirror down.  At some point before she met me Sherry covered the mirror with paper, just to see if it made the room feel “small”, and it did.  So she never took it down.   The plan here is to tear down the mirror and the paneling.  Then put up two new pieces of dry wall, because we know there is going to be a mess under the mirror.   Then we are going to take the 6′ x 3′ mirror that we salvaged when we redid the master bathroom, and build a frame for it and put it on the wall.   We’ll still have our giant mirror, but it will more modern.    We’ll also get rid of that hideous paneling.

My plan was to get the mirror off the wall in one piece, and then score it with a glass cutter to make controlled breaks so it didn’t make a giant mess.   I forgot to take pictures of the whole mirror when we got it down, but with a little prying and wiggling and finess we were able to get it off the wall in one piece.    Scoring and breaking it was time consuming because it was a big mirror, but we got it all out in the trash eventually.

The wall wasn’t too bad behind the mirro.  I ecspecially loved the patterened velvet wallpaper in the upper right corner.  I am sure that kitchen looked spectacular when the wall was covered in that stuff.

The paneling came down pretty easy as well, not much to speak of there.

I had to take a piece of trim of the entrance way to the family room.    There is a small section of drywall between the corner of the dining area wall, and the door frame.  Look closely at the drywall where it butts up againt the door frame.  You can see, instead of cutting they drywall the “installer” just busted it up with a hammer the whole lenth of the door.

I really can’t think of one reason to do it that way, other than he or she was was drunk.   Or maybe that is just the way they used to do things, which would explain all the other crazy things I have found in this house.

I am going to go with “drunk”.

Behind the paneling was a real treat.  They just don’t make wall paper like this this anymore.  Dark brown with little pink Japanese women all over it.   Man, would I have loved to have seen this room in all its glory.   I wonder if they had the velvet paper on the top and the Japanese women on the bottom.  Classic.

This wall paper is so great it deserves a close up.

That was pretty much all we did on day one,  we had to take off all the trim, and go get the drywall.  I should have taken pictures of my car with 3 sheets of drywall strapped to the top of it.  But I didn’t.   We had to knock off early because we had a birthday party to go to.   Incedently I won a package of bacon at that party.

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