Bar Sign #2

Who knew there was niche for building bar signs?   Apparently, there is.   I was commissioned by another establishment to build a draft board. 


I don’t have a whole lot to say about this.   The owners of the restaurant/bar, saw my sign hanging in the first place, and contacted me to build one for them.   I met with them.  Took measurements, listened to what they wanted, and gave them a price.  

First I created a model in sketchup, which they approved of.   Models like this only take a few minutes to throw together. 

The only real challenge with this project was the fact that I was out of real chalkboard, and have no desire to ever deal with that shit again.   So I made my own.  

First I made a jig so that all the holes would line up. 

I sealed the MDF with sanding sealer, then primer

Then 3 coats of chalkboard paint.

Then I built the board, which was fairly easy since I already drew it out in sketchup

The second bar is more contemporary than the first, so more straight lines.  I also cut the letters out of acrylic ( I really need to finish building my CNC machine)

Here are some finished pictures at my place.    

and here it is installed…

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