Are you ready for some Football?

browns-logoI stopped paying for DVR service probably about 5 years ago.   Mostly because Time Warner hits you up for about $14 dollars a box, and, at the time you couldn’t record it in one place and watch it other places.  So I built a Sage TV media center for a couple hundred bucks, bought some extenders and it worked 10 times better than Time Warner’s solution.    When I upgraded to HD, there were some issues so I just scraped it.    I got rid of cable all together and I just watch TV online, that was 2 years ago.  I have an appleTV 2 running XBMC, in conjunction with PlayOn and I can watch anything I need.   Except, sports, and more specifically, The Browns.     This could be a REAL issue when my boys show up on opening day, to eat food, drink beer and watch the Browns, and I have no TV.     Someone could potentially get hurt.  

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