Front Porch Part 5

x-51570I ended up working from home today, because I have spent the last week detailing my car and getting it ready to sell, and in doing so, I some how rendered it useless, and unable to start this morning.   I eventually figured out what I screwed up, but that is a different blog post.   When I was done working I decided to get the sledge hammer out and get to work on the sidewalk that needs removed.


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So the avengers are filming in downtown Cleveland.   Even though I like the movies the fact that they are filming right next to my building is not something I’d normally care about.   I love movies, I don’t really care about movie stars or making movies.   I think there are about 2 famous people in the world that I would be excited to meet, and Leon Redbone isn’t an Avenger.   Turns out I actually do care about the Avengers because it has turned downtown Cleveland into a freaking mess.    The great minds that run this city thought it would be smart to shut down half the exits in and out of the city for construction, then film a major movie.    People always say “I could do a better job”,  with my qualifications I am confident that I couldn’t do a worse job at running this city, because it isn’t possible.


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Front Porch Part 4

46904-OA3ww-lI finally got all the metal attached to the porch.   I’ve been pre-occupied with other things so it took a little longer than I had hoped.   I found a stucco mix (recipe) that I am comfortable with, and I found the color I think I need for it.   I bought a super tub, pictured left, and all the material in needed.  I actually put some effort into reading up on how to mix stucco, and apply it and all that.    There really wasn’t a ton of info out there.    The mixture was printed on the back of the Portland cement bag, so I basically wasted all my time.   I hate Salami.

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Front Porch Part 2


I have been thinking about the bathroom project and how much work it was and how much work this porch project is going to be.    One thing that I was reflecting on,  was the total lack of the use of explosives in the bathroom project.   I mean what sort of self respecting man does any sort of home improvement project without using explosives.  I  have decided that I am going to have to step it up a notch for this porch project.




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Front Porch Part 1

IMG_2860The front of my house looks like crap.   The problem is that some old person owned the house before me, and did zero maintenance on it.   If you click on the picture it would appear that the house is dirty and needs cleaned.   That’s not dirt.  All the paint is just gone.   Big fun for me.    Before I could even start working on any of this, I had to fix the gutters, they were leaking and causing all kinds of issues with the water going where it wasn’t suppose to.


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