Bathroom Day 32-37


I have come to very important conclusion.    There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t be video taping all of this work.   There have been several moments over the past few months that would have been priceless on video.   So, I am going to get a camera before I start my next project.   The problem is,  it really doesn’t appear that there is going to be a “next” project, because this project is never going to be finished.




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Bathroom Day 31


Much hasn’t happened in the bathroom since I put the toilet in.   I have been busy with other things, as well as going on vacation.   I was also conflicted about how I wanted to finish the back splash, so I really couldn’t get motivated after I put the cement board up.    Plus there have been other things going on and life seems to be getting complicated.   When I am at work, and things get complicated and seem impossible I usually just start simplifying the issue to the lowest common denominator and I often find that it was something simple tripping me up.    The other day I found myself not wanting to work on the bathroom because I didn’t feel like it.   Too often in my life, I spend time wishing it was next week, instead of enjoying today.    When I started this bathroom, I didn’t have running water, I didn’t have all my tools, I didn’t even live there.    It’s all point of view.   I just remembered that I actually like doing this stuff, and that I should just enjoy finishing it up.   So that’s what I’m doing, enjoying today.

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B & B Drilling Co

I have expressed, on more than one occasion, my interest in pursuing a more “manly” line of work.   “Computer Nerd”, while it does pay the bills, just isn’t very manly.    My day consists of sending emails, reading about new frameworks, having conference calls with people in India, and writing code, all while listening to technology pod casts.   Boring…    Do you think this guy is listening to a podcast about whether or not Zuckerburg is going to be able to kill Groupon?   No.  He’s listening to AC/DC, or maybe Motely Crue.    He doesn’t own a smart phone  or a computer.    And he’s only thinking about one thing,  ripping sh*t up.

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