Beep Beep Beep


There is a major construction project happening across the street from my house.   This morning,  at about 6 am,  I am pretty sure the backhoe operator put it in reverse to start that loud “BEEP BEEP BEEP” and then went on a 45 minute coffee break.   I know it was 45 minutes because at 43 minutes I snapped, jumped out of bed and put the clip in my 9mm.  I was just about to fire a few “warning” shots across the bow of that thing, when it stopped.   I plan on cutting a few hydraulic lines tonight, after the sun goes down.   Some how, I just know that Salami is behind this.

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The Garage door whisperer


My garage door hasn’t worked properly since the day I installed it.  I have had it locked in the closed position.  To be honest, nothing in the place has been getting attention accept for the grass and the bathroom.  I still haven’t unpacked all the boxes in my bedroom.  As you can see from the image, there are a “few” moving parts on a garage door.   I’ve spent some time messing with it, trying to figure out what is wrong with it.   I just don’t know enough about it.  So I had to ask for help.   As much as it pains me, I had to be nice to Salami, so he’d come and help me.   Turns out, he knows a bit about garage doors.

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Bathroom Part 26


I needed to paint today, but I had to go Tom’s Wedding reception later tonight.  So I decided to start working on the vanity.   Funny thing about the vanity, which is actually supposed to be a TV stand, is it’s listed at 60 inches.   The bathtub on the opposite wall is also listed at 60 inches.   So the Vanity should fit fine, right?  Wrong.   The bathtub is 60 inches but it gets roughed  in, which means there is no dry wall. The vanity is actually  61.5 inches, plus the drywall which equals another 1.25 inches.   What does all this mean?  It means the vanity is going to need to be customized.   It shouldn’t be an issue, there is trim overhang on both sides, that equals what I need to remove, so I just need to cut it off.   I also need to relocate the feet, as you can see from the picture they  hang over the side.

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Job Site Part 25 drywall


I hate putting up drywall. I swear, next time, I am hiring that part out.   Before I even get into the drywall, I’d like to mention there have been a plethora of reasons why I haven’t updated the blog lately.   These reasons include , but are not limited to, dry wall is boring, my yard needed work, and I hate Salami.   It’s not my fault, that should be clear.   All of these pictures are over the course of the last week and half.

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Happy Mother’s Day


My mother and I have a ritual for mother’s day.   Since there is no such thing as real Barbecue in Ohio, we try a new barbeque place every year trying to find something close.    After we eat,  I usually take her to a garden center to buy her annuals or some plants for her yard, and then we go shopping or whatever.  Most importantly we spend the day together.    We usually have a lot of fun because she’s generally a handful when we go shopping and feels the need to harass the store workers.   I had a lot of fun with her the last couple of years and was actually looking forward to seeing her this because we always have such a great time.    Unfortunately, when I picked her up,  she had other plans.

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Salami Salad

2011-05-02_18-40-56_107Contrary to popular belief I don’t sit around all day playing video games and eating bacon.   Truth be told,  rarely ever eat bacon, or play video games.    I almost never eat it at restaurants because I am very particular about how I like it cooked, which is a little towards the raw side.     I got home too late to start mudding the drywall in the bathroom, so I thought I’d post this recipe, to motivate Salami to make this for himself.   This is something I just threw together one day to make him stop yelling at me.

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