So I took all of this tile back yesterday.  I am not going to throw out any numbers, but let’s say I got a considerable amount of coin back.   To top it off, when I bought the tile, if you spent a certain amount of money you got free delivery.    So let’s say, for arguments sake,  to get free delivery you had to order 25 dollars worth of tile.    I ordered 3o dollars worth, but ended up taking back 10 dollars worth.



On a completely unrelated matter, subway now has breakfast sandwiches.   Pictured to the left is the Double Bacon, egg and cheese flat bread sandwich.    You may be tempted to try this, because of words like “double” and “bacon”.  Don’t.   You have been warned.

Welcome to the Jungle

With all the time I have been putting in on the bathroom, other areas of my home are being neglected.  Like the grass.    Anyone who knows me, knows I am serious about lawn care.  But when you don’t have time, you don’t have time.  I don’t even have a mower.   I didn’t put any scotts on the grass in march like I should have.    It’s been raining a lot and my grass is out of control.


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Job Site part 22

I can take a shower now.   I have to be 100% honest.   Do I really need a sink?  I mean really.  There are 2 sinks downstairs and they work fine.  Well, one of them does.   Do I really need a grouted floor?   Or a door on the bathroom.   I think we really should investigate the word “need”.   I thought I needed a towel hook.  As it turns out, all I needed was a 16 penny nail, nailed into a stud.  Do I really NEED finished drywall with paint on it?

Who cares about paint?   I certainly don’t.

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Job Site Part 20

The tiling and what not took it’s toll on me.   I stood on a ladder for about 8 hours on Sunday.    Everything  on me is sore, even my hair hurts.   I really really really needed to get the grout done tonight.   I spent an hour looking for the grout float and couldn’t find it.  There are so many reasons why not being able to find this specific tool upsets me that I am not going to go into it.    All I can say,  it’s a good thing Cowski wasn’t around, because I would have punched him right in his spleen.

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Job Site Part 18

A few months ago, I needed to replace the rear speakers in my car.   While I was doing that, I mounted an 8 inch sub in the rear deck.   There is a spot from from the factory, for an 8 inch sub. I used a few amps I had on hand to power the new speakers.



Yesterday, in the middle of loading up cement board,  the rear deck, the amps and all the wiring fell into the trunk.  I don’t have enough stuff going on. 

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