Job Site Day 9



I told the work crew that we are on truncated time table because there is some sort of city inspection problem, and if I don’t get the bathroom done asap there are going to be fines.   I also approved all over time.   I also told them that they had to work this weekend to move me into the house.   The last part doesn’t have to do with getting the bathroom done, it just has to do with me hating Salami.   I am not sure why, but I am focused like a laser beam on getting this bathroom done.


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Job Site Day 8

I didn’t get home until late from Boston yesterday, I only got about 1 hour of sleep.   I thought about not going to the job site tonight, but my crew really doesn’t want to hear about “1 hour of sleep”.   I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I knew I had to do something.   I decided to install the microwave about the stuff.  Mostly be cause I need some thing to cook soup in .

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Job Site Part 7 (Big Italy)

After this weekend, and yesterday I needed to give the first shift crew a break at the job site.  Time to bring in the second shift crew.   Salami.  There are some rumblings that the first shift crew is upset that they have to do things like rip out 500 pound bath tubs, and bust concrete with sledge hammers, while the second shift crew gets to just haul stuff in a truck.  I have heard talk of a union.    Last thing I need is Maddog wearing a  “Pipefitters local 4444” t-shirt.


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Job Site Part 5

I’m tired.   And mentally drained.   But I went to the job site tonight to try and get some things done.   I cleaned up all the trash from the garage doors.  There was a lot.   Then I put the handle on the front of the door garage door.   The handle is junk, the way they have you mount it is junk, I really wasn’t happy with it.  I am going to makes some customizations to it to make it look better.

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Job Site Part 4

Being a software developer isn’t very manly.   I go to and office every day, sit at a desk, and sometimes go to meetings.  Some days I work from home.   Meh.   From now on,  my new house is “the job site”, and my boys are "the work crew”.   That’s how I am writing it.  If anyone asks me “how are things at the new house”, I’m not responding.  It needs to be “how are things at the job site.”

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New house part 3

I was supposed to meet Cowski at the house at 8:30 AM.    I got there at 8:32 AM.  He and Maddog were already in the house and I could hear them yelling at me before I even opened the door to the my car.  “It’s going to be a long day” I thought.  First I didn’t even know Maddog was going to be there, and second, I was only 2 minutes late.   To be honest it was nice to show up to my house and my boys were already there, its been a long time since that’s happened.

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New House Part 1

Tonight was the first night working on my new house.   I was really planning on starting this thing off kind of slow.  You know, pacing myself.  My mother was supposed to come over, and help me clean the refrigerator and maybe a few other things.  That was it.   I took all my tools over last night, but I really didn’t plan on breaking them out.  I didn’t even take work clothes.

Enter Maddog Molloy.

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