Home Opener

There was a time when my buddies and I would go all out on food for the browns home opener.   We are all a little older and little heavier so we try to keep the food reasonable.   Not this year.

My ex-wife kept up a 4 year long charade by telling me that our local grocery store didn’t carry “Texas Toast”.   Any veteran power eater knows that Texas Toast is the corner stone of a hearty sandwich.  Due to it’s increased thickness it can support a lot more meat, or cheese.  Now that I am divorced, I do the shopping, and I found the Texas toast on the first trip.  

IMG_20100915_180353 Wait that’s not Texas Toast, that was from a little “business” that myself and one of my boys had to take care of.  How’d that get in there?

IMG_20100919_122228 There we go.   So, for the meal we made what I like to call “Big Italy sandwiches”  named after my roommate.  First, I buttered up one side of the Texas Toast and then sprinkled on a little garlic salt (you have to have garlic).   Then, I put the buttered side down on the griddle.   Then 1 slice of American cheese.  Then, as many pre-cook fried mozzarella sticks as a could fit on the cheese.  The first slice of cheese keeps them from sliding around.


Then another slice of cheese, and then the top layer of bread.  I really, really, really  wanted to add a few slices of bacon, but Maddog felt this would be crossing the line, since we were all out of “eating shape”.


The “Big Italy”!  I hit the treadmill directly after the game.  I should probably still be running.