Baffling Banister


I am trying to remove the banister above. I removed all the screws connecting it the wall. I don’t see how the newel rods are supposed to be disconnected from the base (blue dot). There are no screws, I dried driving a chisel under it, to see if I could “pop it up” and it didn’t budge. I feels like the those down rods extend through the floor and are anchored in the concrete in the basement. I am close to cutting them off at the bass with a reciprocating saw. Does anyone know how this comes apart?

HD TV Install Day 1

In 2003 I bought a 65 inch rear project HDTV. I remember the day they delivered “Mitch” to my house, like it was yesterday. I was the first one of my buddies to get an HDTV so they were all at my house. We already had the HD Antenna mounted on the roof, when the TV got there. The delivery men brought it into the living room, my buddy Maddog made room for it by moving a few grease stained pizza boxes out of the way, we plugged in the antenna, and we were done. We watched HD Discovery channel, drank booze, and ate Magic oven pizza for hours.

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