TV Stand Part 2


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am going to build this.   The temperature was 50 degrees yesterday, so I fired up the circular saw and cut up all the plywood.

I really had hoped to get my shop all organized before I got started on this thing.  But warm weather and ADD prevailed.   I really didn’t even finish my drawings, but meh, who needs plans.  I am going to start with the carcass. TV stand explode

I started with a blank piece of birch plywood.   This is the piece that will be painted white(left side in the picture above).   When I built my armoire I had shit for tools.   I still do not understand how that thing has survived 3 moves.   I am really going to be focused on being precise and fixing my mistakes (if they need fixing).  I feel the need to point out that I bought the plywood on clearance at Lowes for 25 bucks a sheet.


This piece will be both the top and the bottom of the drawer carcass.   Before I cut it in half I need to router the rabbets on the edges for the sides and the dados for the separators.   This is my new router, it’s pretty badass.  2 and 1/2 horsepower bitches.   I’d like to put a metal cutting bit in there and go to work on the hood of Cowski’s new car.


I made my guide marks and routered the wood, I used a 3/4 in straight bit, set a 1/4 inch depth on the dados and 3/8 inch depth on the sides.



In my plans I had drawn the back as a 1/4 piece of plywood that would just nail on the back.   I decided that this isn’t a piece of O’Sullivan furniture and the back should fit in a routered groove so you don’t see it.   I knew there was going to be some aspect of doing this that would mess me up, since I didn’t go back and change the plans.     I cut the top and bottom to a width of 17 1/4 as opposed to the 17 inches that had originally planned.

IMG_3605 I have a really nice glue line rip blade and a Diablo both of which cost me over 50 dollars.   They prevent saw marks and tear out.


Too bad they are hanging on the wall and not in the saw.


I stopped at this point and changed blades.  Which took forever because I had never done it on my new saw.   Not a big deal here as these pieces are going to be filled and painted.  This is a picture of the rabbet I made for the back.   I made the depth of the rabbet 1/4 inch.


And here is the issue that I knew would surface once I put it together. You can see that if I were to put a back on this, there would be small gap at the top and the bottom, and you would be able to see the backing from the sides.    To fix it, I set the depth of the 1/4 inch rabbet to 3/8, that fixed the 1/16 inch gap.   Then I am going to extend the sides to 17 1/4 and then add a rabbet that stops short of the edge so that the back is not visible.  I really didn’t waste any wood, I just cut down the side pieces to be the center to pieces and I’ll make new sides tomorrow.


I laid it all out.  And marked my pieces.


Then dry fit it.   Everything is perfect, so far.    The side pieces need to be exactly 6 inches high and 17 1/4 long.   You can see from the picture how perfectly the dividers fit in the dados.  I am very happy so far.


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