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So I picked up this awesomeness from sears for 200 bones, because my boy Geevax FINALLY thought about someone other than his own self for 5 seconds.    And then my mother came through for me with the location and purchase of it.   This one purchase has totally changed the direction of my projects.  After using this saw, I honestly don’t know how I ever built anything.   That old saw sucked so bad, I didn’t even try to sell it on craigslist.  I just busted it up with a hammer, and dropped it off at the park.  I don’t even care.


For my first project I am going to build a new TV stand.   The TV stand I have now is actually a, well I don’t know it’s called.  Once of those tables that goes behind your couch.  At any rate, it’s not supposed to have a TV on it, so it’s buckling in the middle.    TV height is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, everyone either has their TV too high (above a fire place) or too low (on one of those low profile stands).   The center of your TV should be just at or slightly above eye level.   Having said that.  This is the stand I want want to build.


Click on it to see it in full size.   Couple of observations here.   1) It is way too low, and breaks my main rule of a TV stand.   2) It’s not actually a “stand” as the TV is mounted to the wall.  and 3) it’s not real, this is frrom vizio’s website and it’s not something I can actually buy, I have to make it.  4) I plan to make the right side dark wood as opposed to maple or whatever that is.

First move was to model this crap in google sketchup.

TV stand1

Here is what I came up with.   I left a few dimensions, it’s all to scale.  The grey block is the size of the wall it’s on.   I had to make the stand taller, you can see in the picture above it’s quite low.   I also think mine is not as wide.  80 inches is about all have to spare on that wall.  That’s a 55 inch TV on the wall. 

TV stand 2

This is a bit more from the side, so you can see the right leg.   Also it bares mentioning that the legs and handles have a bunch of lines in them because this isn’t a rendered view, just ignore that.

I think I have the proportions correct.  But I am contemplating changing the leg of the upper platform

TV stand 3

I am not sure which way I like.

TV stand 4

Also my drawers are not actually going to be drawers.  They are going to be doors, that fold down.   I’ll have my components like xbox and what not in there, on a slide out drawer. 

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  • December 4, 2013 at 6:44 am

    1st leg looks better IMO


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