The Wall Part 14

2013-07-23 20.33.14 I haven’t finished the steps yet.  I’ve been working on other things and to be honest, I really don’t like them.   I have decided that since I have put so much work into this I can’t leave them this way.  So I scraped the cap stones.

I went to the landscaping yard and picked up some Pennsylvania fieldstone.

2013-08-31 17.05.23

Honestly I don’t know if this is going to turn out correctly, because I am doing this all backwards (like everything else).   Worst case I have to take a hammer to it and start over.   First I removed all those heavy ass cap stones. 


2013-08-31 17.00.09

The I added a little more limestone to level things out.  This is most likely mistake number 1.   No way I should be using limestone in this manner, now that I am going to mortar the fieldstone down.

2013-08-31 17.08.47

Next I laid all the stone out, to get an idea how it was going to look.

2013-08-31 17.44.54

Something like that.   Really just need to get it close and then figure it out as I go.

2013-08-31 17.45.01

I would like to reiterate that I don’t know what I am doing.   I went and bought a couple 80lb bags of mortar, and started mixing.

2013-08-31 18.39.04

It took longer than I thought, so nighttime creeped up on me.   Here is a picture of what I was able to get done.  It’s a crappy picture, I’ll have better ones tomorrow.

2013-08-31 20.25.46

Can’t wait to clean up that mess.

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