TA has decided that he wants to install Tensioned shade structure, similar to the one pictured to the left.    To do this, he needs two 10ft poles perfectly placed near his patio.   To do that he needs two 5 ft deep holes.    To do that, he needs me, sigh.



I think it bares mentioning that I hate Tom.   I should also mention that I had been out pretty late the night prior to helping him dig these holes with one of my trouble maker friends.   


The plan was Tom was going to come to my house at 7:30 in the AM, we would take my truck to get the auger, drill two small holes at my place and then two large holes at his place.


I was not in very good shape when Tom arrived at my house.


But, I pulled it together, got all our gear loaded in the truck, so we could go get the auger.


Unfortunately, I am still having random electrical issues with the truck, and it wouldn’t start.

Tom was not happy.  He left, went and “found” another vehicle, rented the auger,  and showed up back at my place 2 hours later.

My holes didn’t need to be that deep, so we drilled them very quickly, and then went to his house.

I think, we averaged about 3 hours per hole.


Here is a picture of the beast, we had to put on an extension, which made it a foot taller than the picture.   It was a lot of work lifting it out of the hole.    The ground at Tom’s is hard clay, full of rocks.  This job sucked.


That’s a nice hole right there.    At one point Tom was looking down in the hole and I thought to myself that there are few people that I’d like to throw in that hole.


Professional Series, because that’s how we do it.  After two days we got two holes dug.   I DARE him to call me when he has to fill those hole with concrete.

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