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I officially declared the flooring project done yesterday.   I am not technically done, but I think I only have about 3 more hours or total work left. Close enough.  I will post the final pictures once all of the furniture gets delivered.    I spent the last week, doing stupid things like finished all the transitions, and the stairs, and putting together the new shelves.


This is the one by the back door.  I bought a heavy duty one for that door,  so that the door would seal when it shut.  Previously, in the winter,  we had to stuff towels in the door.   Not any longer.


Here are all the transitions in the hall way.   I am not a fan of the gold in the bedrooms.  But I had a bunch of it left over from the previous layout.  I’ll probably change them to silver when I put the new doors and door hardware on in those rooms.  If I ever decided to do another project again.

IMG_2248 I had to finish the last piece over the stairs with a some stair nosing.   This must look good, because Abby went out of her way to tell me how nice it looked, and I doubt any 16 year old girl cares about stair nosing.


I’ll post some pictures of the some of the rooms that are finished now.  We got our dining room table and I built the shelves in the living room.   Sherry decorated the shelves and put the light in the dinning room back together.   She also finished calking and painting all of the trim, and painted the hallway.

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