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I’ve been working out in the yard a lot getting mulch done and what not, so that I can do another big push on the kitchen.   In my spare time I’ve made a few things.

2016-05-25 20.22.54

One of the things I made recently is the cutting board above.   It turned out pretty nice.   I am going to attempt some new patterns soon.     That kind of got me in the mood to finally try my forge.

2016-06-04 17.18.21

I built this a while back out of a grill and a brake drum that was given to me.   I also built an anvil, and then never used either of them.   Actually, I have beat the crap out of few things on the anvil. The first order of business was to build a fire in it.   Little paper, little coal, little blow torch.

2016-06-04 18.21.30

at first the fire was a bit out of hand.  You can just see at the bottom of the picture that I have a hair dryer for a bellows, I am just going to point out, that you don’t need to run that thing on high.

2016-06-04 18.39.14

but I got it sorted out. (but the hair dryer on low).  I need a foot switch.

2016-06-04 18.59.38

I heated up the steel rod stock I had, and tapered the end out into point.   The bent that into a curly cue.

2016-06-04 19.18.22

that right there took a lot longer than you’d think.  Once I had it the way I wanted it I bent the steel around the horn of the anvil to make the hook.  Then cut it off with a hacksaw.

2016-06-04 19.31.13

Then I put the back of the hook in some heat and flattened it out.

2016-06-04 19.41.52

again, this took much longer than you’d think.  I had a hard time getting bends correct.

2016-06-04 20.11.46

Eventually I got it.  I took it down to the shop and drilled some mounting holes.  I also melted some bees wax on it while it was hot.

2016-06-04 20.22.23

I watched a video before I made it, this guy made about 10 of them in about 3 minutes.    Took me about 3 hours.  I won’t be selling these on etsy anytime soon.   I will say, that I am surprised at how straight I was able to get it.   It’s definitely functional.

One thought on “Making stuff

  • June 4, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    Hand made…especially with your own hands, are an improvement over store bought items, regardless of the cost. You get a sense of accomplishment and pride you can’t buy.
    Good job, Bud!


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