New Kitchen 47

Entry Way

Back when I first started renovating this house one of the first projects was tearing out the old pantry.

It was in a horrible location.  It made me feel cramped when I entered through the side door.   So, like most things that make me feel uncomfortable.  I took a hammer to it.

and turned it into a pile of rubble.

For the longest time, the entryway into my house consisted of this coat rack and nothing else.

I had my giant microwave and toaster oven sitting on a cart, after I painted the walls.

After a little design, and few purchases, this is what I ended up with.

I went with a much smaller microwave and cart.  I am going to make a custom butcher block top for the cart and attach the microwave to the wall.   The microwave will appear to be sitting on the wall, but I’ll be able to pull the cart away for extra space, and a cutting board when I am cooking.   The shoe rack was an old magazine rack that came from my grandmother’s house.    Now I just need a new door.

One thought on “New Kitchen 47

  • April 14, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    Dude…this is quality work. Don’t lie…you have someone from some tv show coming in and doing this, aren’t you? You never cease to amaze me with this. Great work, Bud!!
    Now save your strength. You’ll need it when you start helping me. 😉


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