Hot Tub Part 8

OPenFLame_smallThis hot tub is missing fire.   That’s what I have decided.   Even though I installed the hot tub right next to the fire pit, let’s be honest, I’m not building a fire every time some yahoo wants to get into the hot tub.   The lights are cool, but I just felt like it needed more.






First I needed to build a shelf on the hot tub.   Somewhere to set drinks and towels and what not.    My mother has been over almost ever night, since I turned it on.    She just makes up random excuses “here are those ice cube trays you wanted 6 years ago, might as well hit the hot tub while I’m here”.   Then she yells at me to make her a strawberry cucumber lime aide (a drink she discovered at pf changs).  And then she yells at me that she doesn’t have anywhere to put her drink.


First I bought some brackets.  I want to attach this shelf directly to the tub.    Then I attached strips of pressure treated wood to the brackets with stainless bolts, for something to screw the decking to.


Then I picked up 3 pieces of composite decking, the same stuff I’ve been using in other areas of the house.


I 45’d all the ends. Then bolted it all to the tub.


It’s really not that dirty, stupid flash.    As you can see I 45’d the 2 edges and made a “side” to the shelf so that you don’t see the brackets.   I did the same on the other side.

I had orginally planned on counter sinking my fire pots into the this shelf and making them a permanent part of the whole set up.   But as you can see the shelf is lower than the top of the tub.  I did that so that the cover wouldn’t hit the shelf.

Fire pots.

  I decided I wanted to make a denatured alcohol fire pot.   You can order these on Ebay or whatever.  I did some research on them about a year ago.   They are kind of expensive on ebay.  Basically, you pour the alcohol into a container and set it on fire, and it burns slowly.  Kind of like a Sterno can.


First I went to Lowes and picked up two stainless steel smoker boxes for $9.99 each.    I then bought a tube of JB weld.   Funny thing, I have never used JB weld, but I knew it was what I needed for this job.   The box isn’t water proof.   So I put JB weld in the corners to make it water/fire proof.   Probably why the ones on ebay are so expensive.



Then I welded it to a 4 x4.  I also screwed a 2 x4 to the back.  to make it more stable, and to prop the lid up.    Pretty much all you do is fill this thing up, and set it on fire.


I only have half the cover off, and only have one of them going in the picture, but, you get the idea.    Not bad for 25 bucks.

2 thoughts on “Hot Tub Part 8

  • October 26, 2012 at 8:00 am

    Dude…a hot tub & mother that continually yells at you cuz her drink isn’t right, she hates the glass, hates the shape of the ice cubes, water’ not hot enough, it’s too hot, , too little water…that’s just a movie waiting to happen when you snap.

    And I hope she reads this. 🙂


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