Day 7

I have found that if I eat before I get to Walt’s we get more work done.  I wanted to get the rest of the tiling done,  so I ate on the drive to his house.    I usually don’t get to his house until 6:30 and  that really doesn’t leave a lot of time for working.   I’ve gotten better at deflecting his attempts to distract me from working so we are starting to get in a little bit of a rhythm.


Everything went together real nice.  As I mentioned before, this isn’t luxury bathroom.  This is a get it done as fast as we can, bathroom.   As we got further with the tile Walt was becoming increasingly more happy that I talked him into the tile.  Plus anything we do, is going to be 10 times better than the mess that was there.


We decided to run the tile up the same height as the previous plastic surround.


We got lucky with the controls and the faucet,  they were placed right on a seam, which means the cutting was pretty easy.   This is all we got done.


Yeah, so , as I was leaving and I couldn’t help but to notice that “we” were getting dangerously low on cookies.   This is not good.  I really don’t see how work is going to get done without the proper supply of cookies.

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