Day 5

So much for being done in 3 days.  I’ll be lucky if it’s 3 weeks.  Jillian was off doing something tonight so I stopped and got some food on my way to Walt’s.  Honestly, I think it occurred to Walt that I may be stretching out this job to get more food, so I think he told her to throttle it back some.  When I walked in, he simply said “I hate you”.  And I got to work.

We laid out the tile for the first wall, decided where the cuts would be.   Mixed up the thinset.  Set up the tile saw, and got to work.  We didn’t get it all done the first night, which sucks because we had to clean up all the thinset.  The biggest wall is done.


Note that the cut tiles are in the back of the tub in this picture.  Exactly opposite of where I had wanted to put them.  We planned it out, and then I did the opposite. Oh well, Walt didn’t stop me, so it’s his fault.  He is foreman Geevax and all.

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