Day 4


Tonight Jillian made homemade Meatloaf, Broccoli and red skin garlic mashed potatoes.   Honestly, I don’t even care for meatloaf in general, but it was very good.  She also made some of the best macadamia nut cookies I have ever had.   I mean they were stupid good.  The kind of cookies that makes you want to smack someone.   Oh yeah, Walt.

I learned a very important piece of information about Walt while we were eating dinner.   In the middle of dinner he started coughing profusely,  and choking.  It was very ugly.   I thought he was going to die.  Amongst the coughing, spitting and face swelling one word crept out.  “Pepper”.    Apparently he is allergic to pepper.   All these years and I never knew that.  He said “Pepper” but I heard  “Kryptonite”.


I didn’t take enough pictures tonight.   We got up the rest of the cement board and one piece of drywall.   I made walt vacuum out the tub, while I was out putting some pepper in his drink.


Walt’s cat was in living room guarding his Gatorade.  Clearing the cat is perched in attack mode.   So I opted not to make my pepper attack just yet.    I do think I am going to attack him with pepper as opposed to stabbing him.


I bought a 50 dollar tile saw like 8 years ago.   I was having some issues with it.  Instead of fixing it, I just went at bought a new one.   I do a lot of tiling, so I picked up this beast.  2.5 HP Tile/Brick cutter.    You rally can’t go wrong with something like this.

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