Day 3

Unfortunately, a lot of the evening was wasted “calculating”.   We had to rebuild all the plumbing in the shower and we had to find some special fittings to mate up to the old stuff that was there.   I swear plumbing is the thing that holds up every project that I do.   Plus,  Walt had extra gas from the double meat pizza we ate the night before which almost got him locked out in the garage.   I swear I think he wants me to stab him.


First we tore out the old shower and the wall behind the shower head.  I have done a lot of work in old houses, so I am pretty much prepared for anything.   The inside wall of the shower, was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen.


There was no time budgeted for rebuilding this wall.   The dinning room is on the other side,  and it would have been too much work.   This is a picture of the wall after I put in a few cross supports.   Basically , instead of building a real wall the studs are turned sideways.  The only thing holding them up is the panel it’s nailed to on  the other side.   That dark stud doesn’t even go all the way to the header in the ceiling.    I hate people.


We re-enforced the wall the best we could, it was actually pretty stable when we were done.   We tacked in shims and board where we needed for nailing.  We hung a piece of cement board and then started on the plumbing . 


Next we spent a good part of the day sweating pipes.   We aren’t pros so we took our time and made sure it was right,  it’s a pain if you don’t measure something correctly or if you have a leak.  Plus, since I didn’t want to be responsible for leaky pipes, I made Walt do it.  The guy can handle a torch, I’ll give him that.  Just have to keep him focused on the task at hand when the thing is on, so the house doesn’t get burnt down.


It took us a while to decipher the directions that came with the new faucet and make sure that we had the thing mounted the correct depth from the wall.


Jillian is the only bright spot in this whole project.  Aside from being generally pleasant and keeping the cat our of our way, she keeps making food.  Tonight she made spaghetti, homemade rolls and homemade chocolate chip cookies.    They may have been the best cookies I have ever had.   Too bad I didn’t get that many of them, because Walt was in the kitchen hoarding them every time I turned around.  I am pretty sure his work avoidance super power is tied to those cookies some how.   I hate him.

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  • January 27, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    So, all it takes is someone to cook for you to get you to come do household projects? Hmmm……that’s verrrrrry interesting.


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