Day 12

I hate mudding drywall almost as much as I hate Walt.   When he opened the door tonight to let me in , the look on his face could have only been described as disgust.   My first instinct was to charge him, tackle him and then beat the crap out of him.    Then I saw these looming in the background behind him.


It’s best thing I have ever seen in my life.   Peanut butter cookies with a reeses peanut butter cup, with M&Ms on top.   I mean just when you think she can’t do any better. BAMN!  Just when I am Jillian has a blog “”.  She said that if I don’t wrap this up soon, she’s going to have to change it to “”


For dinner. Triple Meat pasta.   I am going to need a Meatcation after this.


I put mud on the walls, it was boring.   Walt cleans all the tools when I am done, I made sure to dirty tools I didn’t even know on principle.   He deserves it, trust me.

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