Day 11

Jillian is out of hand with the cooking.  All the meats and sweets are too much.   Walt went down with the “meat sweats” today, I didn’t know if he was going to make it.   We took a break from working only to find these waiting for us in the kitchen.


mmm fresh sugar cookies.  They were really good.


We signed the inside of the wall.   It was Walt’s idea, I really don’t want anyone to know I was there.   Jillian put the heart up there.  


Walt wasn’t  happy with the fitment of the faucet, so he bought an escutcheon that he said “was almost perfect”.  I spend the next 10 minutes proving that it was, in fact , perfect.  Mostly because I didn’t want to wait for him to order another one.

We finished hanging the rest of the dry wall and we’ll be ready to mud tomorrow.   I didn’t take anymore pictures of the drywall. Because it’s , you know,  dry wall.

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