TA has decided that he wants to install Tensioned shade structure, similar to the one pictured to the left.    To do this, he needs two 10ft poles perfectly placed near his patio.   To do that he needs two 5 ft deep holes.    To do that, he needs me, sigh.



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Never ask Walt

You should never ask Walt for a visual aid to explain something.

I was having trouble understanding how a switch in my kitchen was powering a light.   Below is the diagram he sent me.


Looking at this shaved a few points off of my IQ, and I really don’t have points to give.

Day 10

Every day that we work on this bathroom Walt employes several tactics.   Delaying me when I get there, with cookies ,tv shows,  and new gadgets.   While we are working, he lets me know that we can stop whenever I want, constantly.   As I am leaving he lets me know that if we need to take a day off tomorrow , he’s in.

As I mentioned in my previous post I went out the night before, to have a nice steak and glass of bourbon to celebrate the purchase of my new home.   Unfortunately, one bourbon turned into 2 or 10.   When I woke up today I knew I wasn’t drying walling, so I called Walt, told him I’d be there in 10 minutes and went back to bed (f walt).

Day 8

It takes me about an hour to get from work to Walt’s.   I have time to reflect  as I am driving.  He and I have been friends for about 17 years.    What is a 17 year friendship worth?  I mean I have other friends.  I could just point my car towards my house, and not answer my phone, email, or IM’s.  Just cut him lose,  and I wouldn’t have to finish this bathroom.  I’d never have to see him , or the bathroom again.   Then I remembered Jillian was making lasagna and some sort of Mississippi chunk brownies.


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Day 7

I have found that if I eat before I get to Walt’s we get more work done.  I wanted to get the rest of the tiling done,  so I ate on the drive to his house.    I usually don’t get to his house until 6:30 and  that really doesn’t leave a lot of time for working.   I’ve gotten better at deflecting his attempts to distract me from working so we are starting to get in a little bit of a rhythm.

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Day 5

So much for being done in 3 days.  I’ll be lucky if it’s 3 weeks.  Jillian was off doing something tonight so I stopped and got some food on my way to Walt’s.  Honestly, I think it occurred to Walt that I may be stretching out this job to get more food, so I think he told her to throttle it back some.  When I walked in, he simply said “I hate you”.  And I got to work.

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