Heavy Metal

One of my strong suits is to be able to multitask heavily.   Even with all the work in the kitchen, I am usually researching one thing or learning another thing   Once the kitchen is done, I am going to focus on a shop re-organization.   There are couple of tools I want to pick up before that happens.   A metal lathe and mill are at the top of the list.  I’ve been keeping an eye on craigslist and finally found one.    I setup a time for myself and Maddog to go pick it up, and that’s where this little story begins.
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Always cut away

Excel-Hobby-Knife I’ve been doing construction projects and remodeling for you going on 15 years.   I am generally pretty safe, I wear my safety glasses, think about things before I do them, blah blah blah.    Today the 5755 days without an accident sign got reset to zero.   Just a warning you probably don’t want to click on this link if you don’t like seeing blood. 

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It’s great being a man



Women like stupid stuff, like chamomile tea, cosmopolitans and clean socks.    I love being a man and just being able to enjoy the simple things in life.   I recently bought a 1985 GMC truck to help me with all my house work.   It only gets one radio station, and it’s country.  I don’t like country, but somehow it’s OK in the truck.    Today I made my first trip to a scrap yard.

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Reason 16a I hate Salami

He gets jealous, of me and Tom.

Tom and I are in a golf league, so we hang out ever week.   Salami won’t admit it, but he’s jealous.     He caught wind that I was over at Tom’s hanging out so he figured he’d roll by in the convertible looking all cool.


And right there is where it broke down.



So I had to push Salami, and the convertible up the drive way.

I hate him.

Are you ready for some Football?

browns-logoI stopped paying for DVR service probably about 5 years ago.   Mostly because Time Warner hits you up for about $14 dollars a box, and, at the time you couldn’t record it in one place and watch it other places.  So I built a Sage TV media center for a couple hundred bucks, bought some extenders and it worked 10 times better than Time Warner’s solution.    When I upgraded to HD, there were some issues so I just scraped it.    I got rid of cable all together and I just watch TV online, that was 2 years ago.  I have an appleTV 2 running XBMC, in conjunction with PlayOn and I can watch anything I need.   Except, sports, and more specifically, The Browns.     This could be a REAL issue when my boys show up on opening day, to eat food, drink beer and watch the Browns, and I have no TV.     Someone could potentially get hurt.  

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So the avengers are filming in downtown Cleveland.   Even though I like the movies the fact that they are filming right next to my building is not something I’d normally care about.   I love movies, I don’t really care about movie stars or making movies.   I think there are about 2 famous people in the world that I would be excited to meet, and Leon Redbone isn’t an Avenger.   Turns out I actually do care about the Avengers because it has turned downtown Cleveland into a freaking mess.    The great minds that run this city thought it would be smart to shut down half the exits in and out of the city for construction, then film a major movie.    People always say “I could do a better job”,  with my qualifications I am confident that I couldn’t do a worse job at running this city, because it isn’t possible.


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B & B Drilling Co

I have expressed, on more than one occasion, my interest in pursuing a more “manly” line of work.   “Computer Nerd”, while it does pay the bills, just isn’t very manly.    My day consists of sending emails, reading about new frameworks, having conference calls with people in India, and writing code, all while listening to technology pod casts.   Boring…    Do you think this guy is listening to a podcast about whether or not Zuckerburg is going to be able to kill Groupon?   No.  He’s listening to AC/DC, or maybe Motely Crue.    He doesn’t own a smart phone  or a computer.    And he’s only thinking about one thing,  ripping sh*t up.

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