Bathroom Day 26

Today I worked on getting the door finished up.  I cut the hole for the knob and lock.   It was pretty easy to do since I bought a kit to help line it up.


I probably didn’t need the kit, but there is an interesting story here.   When I started the project  and I was attempting to install the first faucet, I needed a hold saw.   I have a little hole saw kit but I couldn’t find the drill bit part that the hoel saw locks on to.    So I went to home depot and bought a completely new kit.   3 days later I found the piece missing from the old kit.   Then I bought this thing.  Now I have 3 of them.  So if anyone needs a hole saw I am your guy.

Sherry painted the door last night, so I was able to put the door knob on and be done with it.    I actually bought a decent knob.   I hate those cheap feather weight knobs that feel like they are going to crush  in your hand like a pop can.


It was warm today, so Sherry said I could take a “break” from the bathroom and go clean up all the wood chips in the yard, from the stump grinding.    Myself, Sherry, Abby, and one of Abby’s friends went out and clean up all the wood chips.   Won’t be long until I am playing some corn hole right there.



Almost there.


There are two trees in my side yard that I HATE.  I hate them for 4 reasons.

  1. I have to mow around them every week.
  2. They double the amount of leaves in the yard in the fall.
  3. They are dying and when the wind blows large chunks of them fall off.
  4. Most importantly they are right in the middle of my corn hole court.

They are totally coming down next week.

Crappy trees
Crappy trees