Back in October, on an unseasonably warm day, I did some garage door maintenance.   I greased all the moving parts with lithium grease,   changed the battery in the keypad, and put new lights in the door opener.      I figured I would get it in good shape for winter.  The problem is,  it hasn’t worked correctly since.

It’s been driving me insane.    Sometimes I will go out there and sit on the stool and just stare at it.    You can open it with with remote, you just can’t close it.   So I’d have to open it from the house (my garage is detached), then get in the car, pull out, then get out of the car, go in the garage and push the hard wired button.    I reprogrammed everything, it would seem to work in the garage, and then not work work in the car.

I read up on the internet and didn’t find much help.   I checked this and that.   All I kept thinking was “all I did was change the battery”.      But that wasn’t all I did, I changed the lights, as well.   There was a tiny spark of memory in my brain about LED bulbs and frequencies, and I went out and unscrewed the bulbs.   It worked.

I had changed the bulbs from CFL to LED.   There is circuitry in the LED bulbs that puts out a frequency that interferes with your garage door opener(cheaper bulbs) .     When you open it, the lights come on, so that’s why you can’t close it.

Apparently everyone on the planet knows this but me.

Hot Tub Part 8

OPenFLame_smallThis hot tub is missing fire.   That’s what I have decided.   Even though I installed the hot tub right next to the fire pit, let’s be honest, I’m not building a fire every time some yahoo wants to get into the hot tub.   The lights are cool, but I just felt like it needed more.






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