Step 2

For various reasons it’s been a little while since I have had some fun in the kitchen.   My previous post was a picture of habanero infused tequila.    I don’t like tequila, not even a little bit.   But I recently had some of this stuff at a bar, and it was great.     To make it, basically I hung about 8 peppers that I sliced open in the bottle, it will sit for 2 – 4 days.   Then you remove the peppers and Giddy up.

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Salami Salad

2011-05-02_18-40-56_107Contrary to popular belief I don’t sit around all day playing video games and eating bacon.   Truth be told,  rarely ever eat bacon, or play video games.    I almost never eat it at restaurants because I am very particular about how I like it cooked, which is a little towards the raw side.     I got home too late to start mudding the drywall in the bathroom, so I thought I’d post this recipe, to motivate Salami to make this for himself.   This is something I just threw together one day to make him stop yelling at me.

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So I took all of this tile back yesterday.  I am not going to throw out any numbers, but let’s say I got a considerable amount of coin back.   To top it off, when I bought the tile, if you spent a certain amount of money you got free delivery.    So let’s say, for arguments sake,  to get free delivery you had to order 25 dollars worth of tile.    I ordered 3o dollars worth, but ended up taking back 10 dollars worth.



On a completely unrelated matter, subway now has breakfast sandwiches.   Pictured to the left is the Double Bacon, egg and cheese flat bread sandwich.    You may be tempted to try this, because of words like “double” and “bacon”.  Don’t.   You have been warned.

When Pigs Fly

If you ware reading this.  You know I love bacon.   Love.  More than air.   What most people don’t know, is I really don’t eat much bacon.   I’m trying to be more healthy and bacon is one of the most unhealthy things you can eat.    As it happens I found myself at the wynn casino in Las Vegas this past week and one of the nicest buffets I’ve seen in my life.

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