Dining Room Day 2

This project seemed to move very slowly.     It really didn’t seem like much happened on day 2, or really any of the days after day 1.   Sherry and I were both really sore each day so we must have been doing something.

I kind of slacked on the pictures on day two.   We decided to just put up fresh drywall instead of trying to fix what was there .   That is always a tough call.

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Dining Room Day 1

It’s been a whole thirty days since the last project.   Sherry and I are trying to get things done now, so we can enjoy the warm weather, that’s assuming the sun decides to come back.     I can’t complain about this project because I am sure I planted the seed for it.  We don’t really have a dining “room”, it is more of a dining area.   There is only one wall that makes up the dining area, and it’s hideous.   See Figure A.

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Baffling Banister


I am trying to remove the banister above. I removed all the screws connecting it the wall. I don’t see how the newel rods are supposed to be disconnected from the base (blue dot). There are no screws, I dried driving a chisel under it, to see if I could “pop it up” and it didn’t budge. I feels like the those down rods extend through the floor and are anchored in the concrete in the basement. I am close to cutting them off at the bass with a reciprocating saw. Does anyone know how this comes apart?