Bathroom Day 2

A lot got done tonight, the demo portion of the project always seems to go faster than the construction end.    The good news is,  all the tile came right off the wall.   I am not going to  put up new dry wall.  I should be able to repair the walls where the tile old tile was removed, fairly easily.   I also had the pleasure of dusting off my tile removal too.   Very nice.

Tile Removal Tool
Tile Removal Tool

In all seriousness I used a small hammer and a medium chisel.. Each tile would usually pop off in two taps.

Here is bathroom with all the tile gone.   I had to leave the tile under the mirror, because I need to pick up some of those  suction cups to take it down.   The tile below the mirror is actually supporting it.


behind the door
behind the door

The tile removal was a very pleasant surprise.   I’ll determine at the end if I should have just put up new dry wall , but I think patching what I have will be much faster.  We also purchased a bunch of the items for the new bathroom tonight.  We both have the same idea of what it should look like, so we’ve had not probably agreeing on things.

The Toilet

Sherry and I had our first disagreement.   She is very concerned about water conservation.   I’ve never seen anything like her dedication to not wasting water.   Costco has  a toilet that has a dual flushing mechanism.   So if you pee you can use less water to flush.   If you need more water you hit the “more water” button.   She liked that idea.   I was OK with the thought of  saving some water,  I really need to know that when I need more water this thing is going to deliver.

Dual flush tree hugger toilet
Dual flush tree hugger toilet

I was on board until we went to home depot.   The picture below will do all the talking for me.   Please note the name of the toilet and the “flush performace” rating.

A man's toilet
A man's toilet

How do you not buy a toilet called the “Champion 4”.  That is enough right there to make the purchase.   Pile on the fact that you can flush and entire bucket of golf balls down the thing without clogging it.  I mean,  come on!    Unfortunately,  Sherry is not clear why we need a toilet that can dispose of an entire bucket of golf balls.   So we are getting the tree huger 2000.  I really don’t understand women.


This is the sink.   It is a vessel style sink and will sit on top of the counter.



Because I am narrowing the width of the counter top where the sink is, and the sink above is exactly the width of the new counter.   I am going to install a wall mounted faucet.



Found the lights I need at ikea.  Actually the lights spawned this whole project.   That is usually how it goes,  you find one cool thing you like and everything falls in to place after that.  unfortunately you can’t order these things online,  so I am going to have to drive to pittspuke to get these lights.


Counter Top

I had orginally planned on just putting a new laminet on the exsisting counter.   Last night,  Sherry and I went to The Tile Shop to look for the tile we were going to use for the floor.   The cool thing about the  tile shop is they have about 20 or so model bathrooms, to give you ideas.   The other thing they have done is used tile to make every counter top surface in the store, and it looks really nice.    So we went to home depot and got some marble tile for 3.99 sq ft. and we are going to use it to do the counter top.  The long piece in the picture is what I am going to use for the edging.  They have a thicker version of it which I’ll use as the back splash.

Tile for the counter top
Tile for the counter top

Mood Meter

Everything is moving along nicely.  Hopefully all the stuff I ordered arrives in a timely maner.    This stupid blog took more time to update than ripping down all that tile.   Sherry is happy with the progress.

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