Bag of Crap

imagesI am a pretty big fan of finding deals, which makes me a pretty big fan of   This website, if you are not familiar with it, is classified as a deal of the day website.   What this means is, they sell one item a day, at a heavily discounted price.   If you want the item, you buy it, if you don’t want it, then come back tomorrow.   That’s pretty much it.   Most of these sites, offer crap, woot however has some very great deals.  It became so popular that it got bought by amazon, and for a while went down hill.    They also have specialized sites, like, which has a different bottle of wine, or wine related item everyday.

The woot situation gets a little more complex, occasionally they have a “woot off”, which means they have more than one item that day.   Every time and item sells out a new one is displayed.   Which means really cool stuff is gone quickly leaving you stare at the roomba robot vacuum for hours until you look away, and miss the next cool thing.   


When woot  have a woot off  they often try and sell you the elusive bag o crap.   Which is a brown paper bag with a big yellow question mark on it, well not really.   Really,  it’s a bunch of stuff they couldn’t sell stuffed in a box.   I call it elusive, because it is a very hard item to buy, because sometimes they put really cool stuff in there.   It’s a crap shoot, pun intended.  It’s also only 3 bucks.   When I say “hard to get”, I think something like less than 1% of people actually get one.  When a bag of crap comes up for sale, the servers crash, it’s total mayhem.    I’ve been trying for years, and have never come close.   We’ll come back to this.

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I am a big fan of google chrome.   I am web developer it’s what I do for a living.   It’s the best browser.   I have friends who supposedly know computers *cough* Walt, Cowski *cough* and they  refuse to use it, because one website didn’t work in it, and they are too lazy to load Ie Tabs.   To this I say “bah”.  This is the best browser ever.   Chrome has extensions, which are little apps you can load in to do things for you.   There are several extensions that, with one click, will display the item of the day on    There are a couple of problems with all the extensions out there for the woot site.   One, none of them actually let you know when it’s a woot off, and two none of them support the new woot site,   


So I built my own, because that’s how I roll.   I also included other sites, that have daily deals that I like to check.   It supports all the woot sites, tells you when there is a woot off, and shows you a progress indicator on when things sell out.  If you are interested you can download it  here.  Clearly you have to be using chrome to use this app.   I have 45 users so far, wooo hooo!


Back to the reason I am typing this.   The main is reason is to have yet another post where I express my hate for Salami.   Beside that, the way I wrote the app it actually updates before the woot website.  There are technical reasons for this, but I won’t go into here.    I also added a “I want this” button, which bypasses the main woot page, and takes you directly to the order page.   So, the long and short of it is, my little app finally got me a bag of crap.


There it is, by bag box of crap.


USB Guard Dog, alerts you of people trying to sneak up on you at your desk.   Yah!


Super flying woot monkey!


A reusable eco friendly shopping bag, with a giant pick flower.   The only use I could get out of this, is throwing it over cowski’s head as he walks out to his car after work, right before I beat him with a tire iron.


Ok this is cool.   Unfortunately, it is a small, so I gave it to my little sister to rock.


OK so it truly was a box of crap.  But it was fun.  

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