New Kitchen Part 11

2015-03-27 09.45.47

Living here, right now, is a lot like what I imagine jail to be.   Cooking breakfast over in the corner on  hot plate, with all sorts of foreign objects laying around.     Danger everywhere.   Standing there in my boxers and work boots.    Every time I take a shower I am afraid that I am going to get shanked.  





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New Kitchen Part 10


Several people have shown amazement that I am building my own cabinets.    I say “it’s not that hard” they say “you always say that”.    Another of my friends told me that we, as people,  are good at what we do the most.   So if you lay in front of the TV all week, you are good at that.   I have been building things non stop for the past 10 years.   So I am good at it.    What I am not good at is, organizing my work space, and making the best use of “not enough space”.

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