Living room office part 7

I decided to just paint the stairs.   There is no saving that wood, and it will cost way to much to replace the treads.  So I’ll paint them and put a runner down the middle and it will all be good.



I still have to repaint the white part but you get the idea.  I like the face that you can still see the wood grain.

Living room office part 6


I painted the railing black.   I will eventually put some cool ultra modern railing up.  But I don’t have time to design a new one, take out the old one, and then build and install the new one.  So, paint.   That’s what you get.  

Its amazing that much got done.  Salami stopped over at 1pm this afternoon, and started me to drinking.    I hate him.

Now I need to deal with this stair mess.

Living Room Part 1


Welp, the vacation is over and it’s time to get back to work.   I have been doing crossfit for 3 months, and I have to be honest, I am still adjusting to always being sore.   But this house isn’t going to remodel itself.  My current project is the office and living room.  They make up the front half of the First floor.  




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