Hot Tub Part 8

OPenFLame_smallThis hot tub is missing fire.   That’s what I have decided.   Even though I installed the hot tub right next to the fire pit, let’s be honest, I’m not building a fire every time some yahoo wants to get into the hot tub.   The lights are cool, but I just felt like it needed more.






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Hot Tub Part 5


Moving Day.   I admit, generally in these posts I complain about being tired and talk about the challenges that face.   I am tired.   But today was a great day.   Maybe my best showing ever as a amateur do-it-yourself.  I wish I had more pictures, but I feel like if I had pulled out the camera more, I may have gotten punched in the mouth by the guys doing the work.

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Hot tub Part 3

I didn’t do any “work” on the hot tub today.  I did some prep though.    I have been saving all the scrap aluminum that I have been pulling off the house (screen doors and what not).   I took them to the scrap yard.   I got 28 dollars for my trouble, and a free ice cream sandwich, that I am not supposed to it.  But I did, because free ice cream tastes soooo good.


Then I stopped at the landscape supply place, and picked up half of a ton of crushed limestone, which was $18.00.    So I have a hot tub, and a 1/2 ton of limestone and I am up a 10 spot.    

Hot Tub Part 2

diggingI feel like I have done nothing but dig all summer.   I will say now that digging when it’s cold and even raining, is MUCH better than when it’s 105 degrees and hasn’t rained in a month.   My mother stopped by yesterday when I was pulling up the bricks in the sidewalk. She told me that she felt like I could have the hot tub installed THIS weekend.   I told her she was crazy and didn’t realize how much work it was going to be.

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Outside Part 18

hot-tub-disposalI really want a hot tub.   I have always wanted a hot tub.  I love hot tubs.  Lots of people who have hot tubs, say they never use them.  That’s never going to be me.  I figure in a few years, I will get one.  As a matter of fact I am right on schedule with my outside work, and all I have to do before it gets cold out is paint the back fence.   Which would be done only I can’t find the gun for my sprayer.   Every time I am right on schedule, I get some great idea, or something happens.

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