Bathroom Finished

Technically it’s not finished, I still need to put a door on it.  Meh, to be honest I like it with no door.  I might not even put the door on it.   Tomorrow I am going to start moving tools into the garage, so as far as I am concerned, that means “done”.   I thought I would just have pictures, but I do have some commentary, as usually.  But first.  The before pictures.

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Super Bad Ass


I found this today by accident.   I wasn’t looking for a new watch or anything, because I can’t afford one.   Mostly because I had no idea how much new towels and  fake floral arrangements for the bathroom cost.   This watch, however, is awesome.  It’s like the folks over at Diesel said “Let’s create a new watch just for Bud Komar”.   It’s part of their new “Super Bad Ass” line of watches.   I think that sums up why I need this watch.    See it Here.

Bathroom Part 38


There is usually a time in every project where I just want to give up.  Now is that time.  After the last round with the bathroom, I sincerely contemplated busting the sink, the marble top, and the vanity with a 10lb sledge hammer, and throwing out in the street.   I could put a nice Barcalounger in it’s place or something.   Then I realized that solution probably wouldn’t be good for my re-sale value.   Even though, in my heart, I knew it wouldn’t work, I went and rented an electric drain snake.   I hate those things. Just as I suspected, it didn’t work.   Which could  only mean one thing.   The pipes are corroded shut, and I have to cut them out.  

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