New House pre project

So the new house hasn’t closed yet.   Hopefully it will close next week.   The first thing, I have to do, and really the only thing I HAVE to do, is fix the bathroom upstairs.  The only thing that is “broken” in there, to my knowledge, is the floor.  There was a leak in the plumbing or the toilet or something, and the floor in front of the toilet is rotted out.    It would probably only take me a few hours to rip it up and replace it.  But I don’t think I can just fix the floor, that’s not how I roll.  And here are the reasons why.

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New House

I am probably not going to work too much on my house until actually closes (end of this month).  But I did go over and supervise my crew (Maddog) measuring all the rooms.   I wanted to draw a close to scale floor plan, so that I can start to think about the changes that I want to make.   Below I have shown the main floor.   I am not doing anything to the basement,  and I already know exactly what I am going to do to the upstairs.  The house is 2300 sq ft so the main floor is a pretty good size.
The layout isn’t the best, but I would consider it to be ‘workable’.   I have been in so many houses where the layout just blew, so I at least have something I can work with.  I am not quiet sure what to call the room labeled “office”, so I called it office.

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Day 14

I forgot to mention that last night I applied the final coat of mud after sanding.

Tonight we sanded.  It sucked.   But it looks pretty good.   It’s ready for paint.   Guess who doesn’t paint?  ME!   Least not for other people.  He said I could call myself officially done.  I will probably go back and put all the trim up for him, since he didn’t know what a coping saw was. 

I’ll post some final pictures when it’s done.

Day 10

Every day that we work on this bathroom Walt employes several tactics.   Delaying me when I get there, with cookies ,tv shows,  and new gadgets.   While we are working, he lets me know that we can stop whenever I want, constantly.   As I am leaving he lets me know that if we need to take a day off tomorrow , he’s in.

As I mentioned in my previous post I went out the night before, to have a nice steak and glass of bourbon to celebrate the purchase of my new home.   Unfortunately, one bourbon turned into 2 or 10.   When I woke up today I knew I wasn’t drying walling, so I called Walt, told him I’d be there in 10 minutes and went back to bed (f walt).