This past weekend I flew down to Orlando to see hang out with my boy Brian.   There are a select few friends of mine, who just bring out the utter worst in me.   Tom Antal, Pete Titas, Jim Withem, and Brian.     It doesn’t matter how responsible I am, or mature, these guys can push my buttons and basically negate any positive decision making skills that I possess. Read more

More Flooring

I officially declared the flooring project done yesterday.   I am not technically done, but I think I only have about 3 more hours or total work left. Close enough.  I will post the final pictures once all of the furniture gets delivered.    I spent the last week, doing stupid things like finished all the transitions, and the stairs, and putting together the new shelves.

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Rock band

No not the video game.   Real life.   As some of you may or may not know, I am the lead singer in a rock band.  Nickels and Dimes.   Some people,  our wives and girl friends feel,  like this isn’t a real band.     I mean, we have a freaking logo. logosm

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