Bathroom Day 28

There has not been one day in the last 4 weeks that I haven’t spent at least 1 hour working in that stupid bathroom.    Now it is finally done.   Well,  as done as it can get for now.   I am going to use my paint sprayer to paint all the cabinet doors and I can’t do that until it warms up.    I am going to make some aluminum framed doors with frosted glass inserts.  I was going to order some custom ones, but tonight I found this on   This is exactly what I have been looking for, I am going to order what I need tomorrow.


We are going to go with the rounded frame above.  I’ll cut the frames and then take it somewhere local to get the glass.

Tonight I finished putting up the corner shelves.  They were pretty easy.  I fixed a few little things and made a list of little things I needed to get at Home Depot.   Sherry caulked all the nail holes in the trim and caulked the trim itself.   Only suckers put on trim without a nail gun.    This is going to be my last post until it’s completely done.    We have to get little things like a hand towel holder and stuff like that.   Sherry has bought about 10 different shower curtains, so eventually she is going to have to settle on one of those.   Here are the final pictures.   I’ll post more after I make the doors.




close enough

Bathroom Day 27

Last night I went out with my buddy Walt.   He was having a “meet and greet”  for all the people in his wedding party.   Sherry and I got there a little early and belly-ed up to the bar for a well deserved drink.   She had a strawberry daiquiri and I ordered a margarita, since the name of the place was Mariachi Loco.    The gentleman behind the bar,  a younger Mexican man, with a thick accent said “small, medium or large”.  I replied, give me the biggest one  you have.    He then proceeded to fill up a 1 gallon salad bowl with frozen margarita mix and about half a bottle of tequila.    Needless to say,  I’m not feeling so good today.   Especially after I washed down the margarita with half a bottle of Evan Williams.


It is really hard to tell how big that thing is in the picture.  Just take note of how small the lime looks.

Today I finished up the last of the trim.   I bought quarter round that matches the floor, to trim the bottom of the chocolate cabinet.   It is lighter than the flooring and doesn’t look the best.   But I think it is the best option, so I am going to leave it down.   After the trim was all done,  Sherry helped me hang the mirrors.  It was kind of a pain, because they are pretty heavy, and they have to slide in behind the lights.



I also hung one of the corner shelves.

One more day and this thing is done.

Bathroom Day 26

Today I worked on getting the door finished up.  I cut the hole for the knob and lock.   It was pretty easy to do since I bought a kit to help line it up.


I probably didn’t need the kit, but there is an interesting story here.   When I started the project  and I was attempting to install the first faucet, I needed a hold saw.   I have a little hole saw kit but I couldn’t find the drill bit part that the hoel saw locks on to.    So I went to home depot and bought a completely new kit.   3 days later I found the piece missing from the old kit.   Then I bought this thing.  Now I have 3 of them.  So if anyone needs a hole saw I am your guy.

Sherry painted the door last night, so I was able to put the door knob on and be done with it.    I actually bought a decent knob.   I hate those cheap feather weight knobs that feel like they are going to crush  in your hand like a pop can.


It was warm today, so Sherry said I could take a “break” from the bathroom and go clean up all the wood chips in the yard, from the stump grinding.    Myself, Sherry, Abby, and one of Abby’s friends went out and clean up all the wood chips.   Won’t be long until I am playing some corn hole right there.



Almost there.

Bathroom Day 25

Today was a waste of an entire day because I tried to save money.    Home Depot had uncut 6 panel slab doors on sale fo 19 dollars.   So I bought one.   I had to drill all the holes and chisel out all the recesses myself.  While it wasn’t hard it was time consuming, in conjunction with the fact that the door’s height and width both had to be trimmed down on the table saw.


I also cut the transition piece from the bathroom to the hall way.


I only got the door hung,  it was late so I didn’t cut the hole for the door knob.   At least the door was primed when I bought it so it only needs painted.


I am not sure why this stupid bathroom even needs a door

Bathroom Day 24

Day 23, I am officially sick and tired of this bathroom.  I really don’t care if it ever gets finished.  When and if it does get finished, I’m never using it.  I don’t want to spend one more second in there.   I am seriously considering just cutting that room off the house and boarding up the door.  I don’t even care.    Tonight I finished the trim around the toilet and put the toilet on.

Generally putting a toilet on is not much of a task.  The old flange and studs were useable, and I had already scraped up the old wax ring mess.    The toilet we bought is a one piece which means it’s heavier than I am after dollar hot dog night at Progressive Field.   The box was very awkward to carry and I am pretty sure I dislocated 3 or 5 vertebrae wrestling it into the house.   Once it was in the house I drug it to the bathroom and “dry” fitted it, to make sure that everything lined up.  It did.

I contemplated looking at the instructions and then threw them in the trash.

I caulked the bottom of the toilet, put the wax ring on and set it on the studs.   The left side stud didn’t protrude through the toilet enough to get a washer and nut on it.   So I had to take the toilet back off.     I unscrewed the stud as much as I could and then put the toilet back on.   Luckily it was enough.   Had it not been, I would have had to take the trim off, take the floor up, trear out the old flange,  put a new flange in, new studs , put the floor back down and then redo the trim.    Given the fact that I was home alone,  there probably would have been an accidental fire instead.  Of course I didn’t keep the nuts from the old studs, and the nuts that came with new studs where too big.  So trip number 35 to home depot to get some stainless steel nuts.


And there it is.  I would like to mention that this is a very nice toilet.  Very well made,  very heavy.    The box said it came with everything, and it did.  It came with a seat, a metal braided supply hose, and even a new shut off value.   Very nice.


I am not sure how well the picture shows it.  But to flush it you push one of the buttons on the top.  The right button flushes .6 gallons and the left flush the normal amount.

Sherry came home right when I was getting ready to “test” it.    She was standing there when I did the minimal flush for the first time.   Her comment was “That isn’t going to be enough to flush anything.    To understand why I almost smashed the toilet with a hammer, read this post.    I didn’t have the water supply line all the way on,  after I adjusted that it was fine.   It is by far the quietest toilet I have ever heard.   It is almost silent when you flush it, and is completely silent when it fills.  Why do they make so much noise when the fill?   The old one sound like a 747 landing when it filled.

Mood meter

I think the tone of the above post, clearly states my mood at this point.

Bathroom Day 23(Operation chicken milk)

After beating and pounding on the floor all night last night,  I decided that it was not going to fit together because of the glue.  I have put several laminate floors together, in the past, so I know how to do it.  The glue may work in other brands of laminate floors but the DuPont stuff is very unforgiving.    There is no play in the floor at all.   A couple of times it would not lock together because there was a large piece of dirt in the seam.

I went to home depot bought another box of flooring to finish the job.    At 60 dollars a box I was going to take back the  box that I ruined since they were the ones that told me to put the glue in.   But I figured I’d fight that battle another day, since I just wanted to get the floor done.

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Bathroom Day 21

Sherry has changed her mind a few times about what the flooring should be.  So we had to run to home depot and look at flooring as well as buy the grout.   We both agreed that we should have somer sort of gray grout, as opposed to white.   Our choice were “Snow White” which was a very light gray or delorian grey.  Which is a steel color.   Easy choice, just based on the names.   Delorian grey it is.

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Bathroom Day 20

I have actually laid a lot of tile, so the tiling portion of this job didn’t bother me.   I have never made a counter out of tile, which made it seem like a lot more work.    It needs to be level and you can’t have one tile raised up or lower than the other tiles.    It made things go very slow.    Also the whole for the sink fell right in the center of a tile, so I had to cut the hole out with my diamond tipped dremel saw.   All and all it turned out pretty well.

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